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= Rules and Regulations =

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44th Rules and Regulations

Welcome, new applicants and current members of the Mighty 44th fleet. As a member of this fine fleet we have some rules and regulations that everyone must follow. For prospective new members, there is a question on the application asking if you have read this page or not. So please read our rules and regulations thoroughly and answer accordingly.

Basic Fleet Rules

We no longer have a Teamspeak or "TS" server. Although STO comes with Vivox voice chat, it is somewhat unreliable, and not as easy to use. Also, vivox can only be used when you are teamed up.
Here are some basic TS rules that also count for our written in-game chat (channels):

- No politics or religion topics. These topics tend to cause issues and drama, things that we the 44th do not want.

- No derogatory remarks, harrassment, or racial remarks. Simply put, we have players of all makes and models. Please respect that. Violation of this rule with evidence may result in dismissal from the fleet.

- Please mind your language. We all curse occasionally - it happens. But going off like a bloody pirate is less than desirable. If asked to stop, please do so.

- The age requirement is 18+.  There may be mature content on TS at certain times. If you think you can not handle adult conversations, please do not apply

- Ideally, all TS names should be your 44th Fleet forum name or @handle name to reduce confusion.

Fleet Bank

- Ensigns within the fleet can not withdraw items in the bank. The lowest rank to have withdrawal privileges is Lieutenant.
- All items need to be of rare quality or better except for certain items.
- If you do not have the required rank to make a withdrawal, you can request it from someone with sufficient rank. We are not stingy with our items, but we do not want to be taken advantage of either. Mooching can result in disciplinary action.

- Please only take items out of the bank if you are actually going to use them. Taking something so that you can sell it on the exchange is NOT ok.

Fleet Gear

- Before being able to purchase any fleet ships or gear, you are required to be a member for at least 2 weeks. Unrestricted access to fleet vendors will be granted when this requirement is met. Note that sometimes when provisions are low, Fleet Command may limit the number of fleet items to be withdrawn, please follow this directive as it will benefit us all in the end.


Promotions are not difficult to earn, and are based on time within the fleet. Minimum requirements are that you either log into the game, or post on these forums during the current review period. Any disciplinary action given during the review period may delay a promotion until the next review period. First review period lasts 2 weeks, after which you are promoted to Lieutenant. Following review periods, related to ranks of Commander and Captain will last for 4 weeks.

Ensign - New player rank. Bank access is restricted to deposits only. If you need something from the bank, don't hesitate to ask.

Lieutenant - Players of this rank will be allowed to withdraw up to 1 item from the bank per day.

Commander - Players of this rank will be allowed to withdraw up to 3 items from the bank per day.

Captain - This is the highest non-command rank. No bank access restrictions.

Commodore - These are Squad Leaders/Officers of the fleet and part of the command staff. Usually given to hand picked members within the fleet who command feels has leadership qualities.

Vice Admiral - Heads of divisions, and are essentially fleet leaders in day to day operations.

Admiral / Chancellor - 44th Fed / KDF Fleet Leader. Oversees the entire fleet.

Fleet rules in-game and on the forums

- Fleet members are responsible for knowing the rules, that is why they are posted here.

- As a member of the 44th you represent the "Star Trek" values in general and the 44th in particular, and we will not accept "trolling" of any type on our forums, official STO forums, any chat in game, or on any other fleet forums/blog. Represent !

- If asked to stop doing something that is against the rules, please do so.

- Player bashing will not be accepted in any shape or form. This includes members of this fleet or any other players in the game.

- It's a game so have fun with it ! Do not put members down for messing up.

- Please use common sense. Basically, do not do anything that will reflect negatively on yourself or this fleet. As fleet members, it is your duty to ensure that the Fleet's integrity is well placed in the STO community.

- We value your membership and loyalty to the fleet as a STO player. As such, we do not allow "multi-fleeting". If you have alt characters, we are happy to add them to the fleet. We also have a KDF counterpart fleet as well.

Disciplinary Actions

We hope this never becomes necessary, but If the need arises, disciplinary actions will be handed out by the command staff. Punishment range from TS ban, Demotion, or Fleet kick. This is to be determined by the fleet command.

Thank you for visiting the Mighty 44th.

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